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I am available to help with resale of your

Gold, Silver, and Family Heirlooms.


    About Robert    

I have been involved in the jewelry industry since 1961. I have owned and operated jewelry stores in Bridgeport, Fairfield, and Stamford, Connecticut until my retirement in 2005.

I am a decorated U.S. Army veteran, having served in Vietnam (1966-1967) and am a graduate of the University of Buffalo (1968) and have attended MBA curriculum at both Fordham and Southern Connecticut Universities (1973-1974, & 2005).


Currently, I supervise jewelry store promotional sales events such as anniversaries, liquidations, bankruptcies, and going out of business.  I represent one of the largest jewelry store liquidation firms in the United States and have travelled extensively and internationally assisting in such sales.

During these sales events I help store owners with inventory control, advertising, personnel, and selling in order to  maximize cash revenues and reduce excess inventory. I also purchase Gold, Silver, and Diamonds, and help with the profitable disposal of Family Heirlooms.


     Professional Assistance is Important     

Robert S. Barnes

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Retailers are in the business of operating stores. The process of closing a store adds a new and very different management burden. Ensuring success requires careful planning; close monitoring of sales, margins, and expenses, and aggressive execution of a well-designed sale plan.

Experience with hundreds of store closings in every retail category has provided the professional sales company with the knowledge of experience to know:


  • How to line up a crowd of excited customers waiting for the sale opening.      

  • Why a good image, quality merchandise, and loyal customers will mean the best total return from a Store Closing Sale.

  • How to answer all of the questions customers will ask in a way that will increase sales while building your image in the community.

  • How to create a buying frenzy in the store, which causes customers to buy now rather than wait or check prices elsewhere.

  • How to keep margins high on the front end of the sale to compensate for any markdowns that will be necessary to close  out the hard-to-sell merchandise on the tail end.

  • The most effective print advertising for a store closing that attracts lines of customers without revealing any prices.

  • The power of direct mail and how it is most effectively used to generate sales.

  • How publicity can be used to add credibility and impact without increasing advertising expenses.

  • Merchandising techniques will move customers through the store faster, expose them to more merchandise, and increase their purchases.

  • How to keep your customers coming back again and again, bringing family and friends, until you have sold everything.

  • What to do as your merchandise sells down and becomes depleted.

  • A foolproof way to sell those items no one seems to want.

  • How to collect accounts receivable.

  • A system for selling fixtures and equipment that ensures the highest possible prices.

  • How to keep your best employees as long as you need them.

  • What can be done to sell your store location and why it’s more valuable without the inventory.

  • Inexpensive ways to beef up security and cut losses from shoplifting and other forms of theft.

  • The best way to deal with your banker and key suppliers to make  sure they support your plans.

  • The best time to conduct a sale and how long it should last to maximize your return.

  • Reliance on a company in the business of managing store closings which has tested and perfected methods of maximizing results, and has significant experience with the process, is a critical part of successful store closings.

You should not attempt to close your store without professional assistance.

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